Jet Reports

Jet Reports is an integrated business intelligence & reporting solution, built for Microsoft Dynamics, that gives users a simple way to create high-impact reports.

Jet Reports


Excel-based Reporting

      • Only three Excel-based functions capture all the power you need.
      • Follows Excel formats and computer-with-jet-2approaches.
      • Integrated into Navision and Excel.

Create complex reports easily

      • Combine tables to create reports showing trends. Invoice reports become easy.
      • Jet Reports Wizard helps you find the table and field names.
      • Use the Jet Reports functions to “join” two or more tables to get at the data you need for the reports.
      • Regenerate rows, columns and sheets to create that perfect report you need.
      • Access multiple databases to generate one report.

Automatically update reports

      • Jet Reports AutoPilot lets you schedule updates to your reports based on filters such as date ranges.
      • You control your report generation to either Excel or HTML reports.

Drill down to source data

      • Jet Reports offers a capability to drill down into any Navigator table directly from the Excel spreadsheet.
      • Get the background data immediately while showing reports.
      • Jet Reports maintains all your Navision security.

 Show reports over the Internet

      • Create HTML reports directly from Jet Reports.
      • Maintain drill down capabilities from the HTML browser.

Graphically show your results

      • Use Excel charting to show your reports. Simple.

What can Jet Reports do for me?

      • Easy to learn. Most can start using in less than one hour.
      • Design reports up to 10x faster.
      • Quickly create reports in any format.
      • Retrieve any field from any table in Navision, including custom tables and fields.
      • Direct, real-time, integration to Navision.
      • Format reports using all Microsoft Excel features.
      • Include Excel graphs.
      • Click on a cell and drilldown to Navision.
      • Drill downs—See the actual transactions that make up the number.
      • From inside Navision you can then use Navigate to investigate further.
      • Uses Navision security model. All access requires appropriate permissions.
      • Only three new worksheet functions to learn.
      • Jet Reports is fully integrated into Excel and Navision.

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