Jet Reports

Excel-based Reporting for Serenic Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Jet ReportsFeatures

Excel-based Reporting
  • Only three Excel-based functions capture all the power you need.
  • Follows Excel formats and approaches.
  • Integrated into Navision and Excel.
Create the complex reports you need
  • Combine tables to create reports showing trends. Invoice reports become easy.
  • Jet Reports Wizard helps you find the table and field names.
  • Use the Jet Reports functions to “join” two or more tables to get at the data you need for the reports.
  • Regenerate rows, columns and sheets to create that perfect report you need.
  • Access multiple databases to generate one report.
 Automatically update your reports
  • Jet Reports AutoPilot lets you schedule updates to your reports based on filters such as date ranges.
  • You control your report generation to either Excel or HTML reports.
Drill down into Navision database for all the source data
  • Jet Reports offers a capability to drill down into any Navision table directly from the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Get the background data immediately while showing reports.
  • Jet Reports maintains all your Navision security.
 Show your reports over the Internet via web browsers
  • Create HTML reports directly from Jet Reports.
  • Maintain drill down capabilities from the HTML browser.
Graphically show your results
  • Use Excel charting to show your reports. Simple.
 Three functions to build complex multitable reports
  • NL:  A Jet Reports Excel function that can access any data from any table in the database and filter on any field. Complex reports can be easily created with the basic knowledge of Excel capabilities. Full graphics reports can be easily created from multiple tables.
  • NF:  A Jet Reports Excel function that simplifies retrieving multiple fields from a record.
  • GL:  A Jet Reports Excel function that combines multiple NL functions to make G/L reporting even easier.
What can Jet Reports do for me?
  • Easy to learn. Most can start using in less than one hour.
  • Design reports up to 10x faster.
  • Quickly create reports in any format.
  • Retrieve any field from any table in Navision, including custom tables and fields.
  • Direct, real-time, integration to Navision.
  • Format reports using all Microsoft Excel features.
  • Include Excel graphs.
  • Click on a cell and drilldown to Navision.
  • Drill downs—See the actual transactions that make up the number.
  • From inside Navision you can then use Navigate to investigate further.
  • Uses Navision security model. All access requires appropriate permissions.
  • Only three new worksheet functions to learn.
  • Jet Reports is fully integrated into Excel and Navision.

For more information, visit the Jet Reports website.